Mailing Address

Heartland Recovery Services
13401 Birch Drive
Baxter, MN 56425

Fax: 218-270-3002

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Welcome to Heartland Recovery Services

Heartland Recovery Services, Inc. is a female adolescent chemical ependency treatment house that serves young women ages 13 to 19 in Baxter, MN.

Program Description

Heartland Recovery Services, Inc.'s location projects a home like atmosphere, specifically designed for adolescent females.

Heartland Recovery Services, Inc.'s therapy approach operates on the premise of addressing the individual's "living" problems versus the "using" problem in learning about substance abuse and relapse prevention skills.

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the basic elements of our philosophy. All clients have an opportunity to attend AA/NA meetings and Celebrate Recovery Meetings.

Heartland Recovery Services, Inc. strongly encourages family involvement by providing daily phone calls, family education sessions and weekly visitation.

Treatment Services

Heartland Recovery Services, Inc. is licensed through the MN Department of Human Services under the Children's Residential Facility Rule and offers a full continuum of care. Chemically dependent female adolescents are placed for primary, extended or half-way treatment.